Comedy For Designers

Project Tools:
InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator



Comedy for Designers is a fictional three day Design Conference to be held in Toronto, Canada. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the conference will be attended by renowned designers from around the world. It is a conference for designers, by designers. It is Canada's largest annual graphic design conference, connecting designers and other creatives from various fields. Our stand-up comedy acts feature design leaders discussing the trends and work that are shaping the industry with a hilarious twist. Keeping the Bauhuas spirit alive, it will combine comedy with serious talk. 

Multi purpose



Comedy for Designers will be attended by designer and other creatives, most of whom love a good keep safe that is useful. The event ticket is designed in a way to be used as a bookmark during and after the conference. 

It not only includes the important event information, but also a message to "find humor in everything". A reminder for creatives while working on their projects.  

Ice - breaker activity

I created sticker sheets for an ice-breaker session to allow atendees to know each other better and get their creative juices flowing. 

A group is provided with two sticker sheets of shapes and funny facial expressions. They need to create a character for themselves and use it to introduce themselves to the group. 

Based on the selected shape, it would also be easy to divde the atendees in groups for future events/workshops through out the conference. 

Two sets of name tags

To clearly distinguish between speakers and attendees, I created two sets of name-tags for this conference. 

A landscape format tag, with an ammateur design approach for attendess and a more refined portrait format for the speakers. 

The design approach is bold and colourful in alignment with the theme of the event (Yes! I dared to use Comic Sans). The name tags fit together to create shapes used in the events brand identity. 

As designers, using Comic Sans is looked down upon, however I used it strategically in this context to ephasize the humourous approach of the design conference. 

Another strategy used, for attendees to easily recognize speakers and the kind of work they do was to ask the speakers to identitfy themselves as file names on a desktop. This was not only a fun approach but brought out the indivudals personality in a unique way. 

Using .ai or .Id gave an insight into what they might be specialising in as designers or what they enjoy most. 

Experential Marketing

To create a buzz around this new concept design conference, I had to do something different and interactive. 

I created tear away posters with funny yet relatable statements, to be used during the event. Attendees were asked to peel away. 

Attendees photographed this interactive experience, which was a intended to be a free marketing tool. They took these as keep sakes as well.