Weaving life, one thread at a time

Images taken in Phulia, a village in West Bengal, India.

The weaver deftly manoeuvres her fingers through the maze of spangled threads, giving way to beautiful textiles. Behind the uniformity of the beauty lies unevenness of errors and mistakes. And yet, it is those mistakes which add to the dynamism and vibrancy of the weave. It reflects a break from convention, a willingness to tread the path of uncertain results. 

Perhaps, it would be apt to say the weave symbolises life. As we move through the loom of life, we face challenges.Perfection is not the goal of life; the experiences we imbibe, aptly represented by the contours of the weave. These mistakes in the fabric of life can be unworn, rewoven or left behind as tattered fabric. 

In the ever changing world of today, the old gives way to the new. The conventional gives way to the eccentric. The tasteful gives way to the profitable. But the grand technology of textile remains- a beacon of light and guidance in the uncertain world of today. The newer techniques introduced today are but a supplement, a mere tool to support the grand old technique of textiles. It remains, omnipresent, a symbol of permanence in a time where the only constant factor is change. It remains, ever dynamic and a gentle reminder of the look of life that is bound together by threads of love,respect and friendship. 

The threads of that relationship are part of the weaving of our life. Like the dark foundational threads of the warp, the threads of mistakes remain part of the fabric of our life. In that way, they remain as lesson and warning for future choices. Can we choose more wisely in the future? Will we pick up threads of love, respect, care, and wisdom to weave into our life, creating beauty once again?